And this commercial, for me, was about new possibilities…metropolitan possibilities. Of walking down city sidewalks, going to coffee shops every day if I wanted to, running through parks, bein’ fresh. That girl(s) with that latte was who I wanted to be at the time: Joyful, colorful, spring-y, on my way to meet someone totally hot and make out in a park.

(This is how my mind works, people. Welcome to my amazing mental world)

I bought this candle yesterday, the first scented one I’ve bought in a while…and I bought it because it reminded me of the smell of grass after a spring rain. Of budding trees and the way wet dirt can smell so lovely, after long, hard months nothing but of snowy winds and white mountains and icy tracks. I want it in the worst way today, spring. I want muddy trails and budding trees and melting lakes…cool air and long walks and rainy clouds. Too early mornings out on the deck, bundled up in blankets and sitting outside with my coffee because I finally can. Of throwing on a down vest or a cardigan before walking out instead of spending ten minutes prepping for the cold with scarves, mittens, hats, heavy coat, and boots. Of opening my window to let the air in instead of battening down the hatches.

In a sentence, I am fucking done with winter.



The true Future Islands performance masterpiece.

For reference:

I really needed this delightful thing today.